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Greensteps, that is the name of the marketing and communications agency I founded January 1st 2009. After having worked for tourist/recreational companies for nearly 20 years, I wanted to embark on an independent journey.

Graduated from the Nederlands Wetenschappelijk Instituut voor Toerisme en Recreatie (the Dutch Scientific Institute for Tourism and Recreation, nowadays called NHTV), I began my career at the marketing department of the VVV on Texel. Seven and a half years later, I left the Wadden island as Deputy Director to work for theme park ‘Efteling’ in the position of senior communications officer. For ten years, I was responsible for various types of communication; the last couple of years in the position of head of marketing and communications.

Marketing and communications, I can’t imagine any other work field that is more dynamic. By continuously following studies (such as NIMA, SRM and University of Groningen) I am always up to date with regard to the latest insights and developments, which I can then put into practice for my principals.

Henk Groenen